The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has directed the nation’s security agencies to do all that is necessary to enable Nigerians to go about their peaceful engagements vowing not to allow the peace in the country to be disrupted.

Buhari made this know during his 10 minutes Nationwide broadcast speech made to the Nigerian public an hour ago.

Buhari also stated that police salaries are being reviewed upwards, while condoling with police officers that have lost their lives during the recent protests.

According to John Asbourne, emerging markets analyst said : “So what Nigeria’s president seems to have taken from the escalating #EndSARS movement is that it’s a mistake for the govt to give any ground whatsoever.

Very worrying, suggests he sees a violent crackdown as the way forward. Note also, no real remorse for recent violence.”

also, Remi Adekoya, Political Science lecturer at University of York said : “Key line for me was Buhari saying his government’s “prompt response to #EndSARS demand was misconstrued as a sign of weakness. That says it all.”


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