An African-American lady, Sydney Barber, has broken a barrier to achieve a great thing no woman of her colour has been able to get in the US Navy Academy according to the report, only a few women have been able to attain that level since the academy became open to female students. Barber said her position has shown that she will be playing a big role in the annal of American history

Sydney Barber made history as the first African descended woman to serve as a brigade commander at the US Navy Academy. USA Today reports that she will be the 16th woman to hold the highly esteemed position since women became welcome in the Naval Academy in 1972. It should be noted that the first woman to hold the position was Juliane Gallina in 1992

In a statement, Barber said she is really humbled by it all, especially how it placed her to play a big role in American history

Sydney Barber said she is really happy about her new position. Photo source: Twitter/US Naval Academy Source: Twitter Barber is presently studying mechanical engineering and one day hopes to become a Marine Corps officer.

She said she was inspired by Jaine Mines who was the first black woman to graduate from the academy.

In response, Mines said the lady’s comment really made her emotional. It should be noted that Barber is not the only first black person to make history in the military recently. Madeline Swegle earlier in July became a fighter pilot



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