Poetry: ‘In the Annals of a Nigerian Girl’ By Blessing Nnadi

Basking on sunset Beach sands;
Wet with nubile burrs feel,
When my blackberry body
Fell in with brown dunes.
And just then,
Earth shelved his agenda
And kissed me
On my scrumptious shoulders.
I was ripe enough
for pundit poesy;

I miss describing nuptials
As a manderin duck;
Groping his other contours,
My walking rainbow,
My vigor of flight.

Gaslighted by mean reality;
Green-White-Green Light
Guns her body politic
In a never ending lethal game.
Rape them of their Rights,
Is sexually unfaithful
And even right there
In their faces,
Woos bandits,
Caters to terrorists’ emotions.

Her natives seem to be
As neglected as the
the Nsude pyramids of Udi,
That a once monumental
Gold of the east,
Wanders now a blind buried past.
Her executive suits relish still
The sweet profits as is the
Step Pyramid of Saqqara.

In a not so far cusp
Of semblance stream;
I dredged up another teary tale;
Another lost Monumental Gold,
Kofar Na’isa,
West Africa’s cultural wealth,
The Ancient Kano City Walls,
A life was snuffed out.
So-called moribund had
His emotions still bottled up.

Covid is new Typhoid Mary
And so we must mask up still.

As we don our biz Jacket
Let’s break fashion rules
As we wear all
Six Thinking Hats
In our boardrooms or
Private closets.

We have childing October
In between the legs;
She will birth us
Aloha as vivid as
My supra manderin duck
And thriving goals
As Squid did for ‘Flix.

Contact Blessing Jane Nnadi on email: nnadijane1@gmail.com


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